Heart Mind Integration Healing

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      Client’s Sharing: “HMI Healing is pure spiritual magic.  Clearing the clouds form my psyche, has lifted the heaviness from my outlook on life. Uncovering and healing the traumas I experienced in the past, has freed me to see and trust in the opportunities that exist now-in the present.  I can now see when I am in my own way and can make the appropriate choices.“

What does it mean to be Awake?

It is my understanding, that true Awakening is to be 

 fully present as our continuously opening and 

   evolving SELF, as HIGHEST SELF consciousness!



It is to heal and merge our Ego minds into 

  our HEARTMIND and live from

  our inner radiance, 

      in a constant state of Witnessing,

       Asking, Assessing, and Speaking 

       for what shows up, but speaking from 

    HIGHEST SELF consciousness! Truly Free to shine!

“That light, is who you truly are!

You are the one your lost parts are waiting for”!

By Tommy Priester

HMI Healing is an exciting new approach that assimilates powerful shamanic techniques with modern psychological understanding. Working within a shamanic framework, with the help of personally formulated flower essences, the HMI Healing process, guides people to reconnect with lost or alienated parts of themselves that are stuck in the past, healing them and helping them to live in the present from their highest values once again.


Student’s Sharing: “This is a deeper level of healing than I've seen in any other program. It allows me to connect with and communicate with my true higher self and my personality parts and to dismantle the obstacles of the past. The result is a huge shift for me in healing. It's so empowering. I feel confidence, trust, acceptance, and understanding. I now really know what I have to offer.”

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“HMI Healing is Tommy Priester’s

way of sharing the outcome of over 15 years of shamanic, holistic and herbal studies with the world.”

“Tommy’s open, compassionate understanding and gentle, peaceful energy makes it possible for his client’s to feel safe and access deeper aspects of themselves so they can become active participants in their own healing.


HMI Healing




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A New Blend of Shamanistic Psychology